My Words on the Manchester Attack

__After posting my epic rant on Mass Effect 3‘s ending, I realised I also had something to say about another, far more serious topic. As if to pour salt on the wound after my experiencing that infuriating conclusion, the universe threw yet another major piece of bad news at me upon waking up this morning: the news of a bomb attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.
__I haven’t been this angry at the world since the 2012 cinema shootout in Aurora. Not to sound cold, but I’ve kind of become desensitised to this kind of bad news. Violence like this is happening in the Middle East all the time, but we westerners only seem to take notice when it happens on our doorstep. But when it happens at entertainment venues, that’s when it hits especially hard for me: these people were just coming out to have a good time, only to have their lives ruined by an incident like this.
__My deepest sympathies go out to the families and friends of all the people who were involved, but there’s something else I have to say.
__I don’t know who the attacker was or why he did such a thing; nothing can justify it anyway. But I will say this. People commit extreme acts of violence for various reasons. Some do it out of a warped sense of justice or severely misinterpreting their religious teachings. Some people kill or seriously injure others just because they enjoy it; it’s how they get their kicks. But some people are just deeply disturbed individuals who see the world as a truly awful place and believe that the only way to cope is to violently lash out. And if our society allows people like that to exist, then I’m inclined to half agree with them: the world is awful.
__But you know how I deal with it? I try to spread joy, make other people feel better. I would never dream in a million years of just adding to that misery and taking or ruining people’s lives.
__As much as I hated Mass Effect 3‘s ending, my complaints about that seem petty in the face of such atrocities. The developers of that game, after all, weren’t trying to actively hurt anyone. Their purpose was the same as mine: they were just trying to entertain people. They just happened to be incredibly misguided in one particular area, that’s all.
__So if, by any chance, you’re one of those people planning a violent attack to hit back at the world… please don’t. You’ll only make the situation worse. You’re basically taking revenge on the world, and revenge is inherently selfish; it’s about making yourself feel better and nothing more. I’m not going to act like I have all the answers, but I’d suggest you try taking solace in the good things in your life instead. (Sorry if that makes me sound presumptuous; I can’t know what you’re thinking, after all.)
__There, that’s my two cents on this grievous subject. I don’t usually like to talk about these things in case I say the wrong thing, but I hope I’ve at least achieved my goal of making you feel a little better, and I hope you’ll continue to spread that cheer and goodwill to others.


About Maxle2000

Well, I'm a huge film buff first of all, so most of my blog entries will be reviews for movies I've just seen. I'm also into zoology (especially dinosaurs), music, literature, TV, technology (particularly computers), engineering, carpentry and DIY, and astronomy. Two things I'm most definitely *not* interested in are sport and politics. So yeah, I'm not the sporty type. But I do enjoy swimming and going for long walks. I don't drink or smoke. In fact, I hate cigarettes with a passion. I'm not particularly fond of excessive piercings or tattoos, either.
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