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Well, I'm a huge film buff first of all, so most of my blog entries will be reviews for movies I've just seen. I'm also into zoology (especially dinosaurs), music, literature, TV, technology (particularly computers), engineering, carpentry and DIY, and astronomy. Two things I'm most definitely *not* interested in are sport and politics. So yeah, I'm not the sporty type. But I do enjoy swimming and going for long walks. I don't drink or smoke. In fact, I hate cigarettes with a passion. I'm not particularly fond of excessive piercings or tattoos, either.

2017 in Film: My Favourites and Least Favourites

__It’s that time of year again: the time when I look back on the year that’s passed and pick out the high and low points of its movie output. This is the seventh time I’ve done a year-end pair of … Continue reading

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First Impressions Review Diary 30-Dec-2017

__Well, the end of the year is almost upon us. I traditionally post my recap of the best and worst movies of the year on New Year’s Eve, and nothing’s changed; I’ll be posting that pair of lists tomorrow. Just … Continue reading

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First Impressions Review Diary 9-Dec-2017

__Welcome back. As I said last time, I recently started a new college course, so the coursework is unfortunately keeping me from devoting mental attention to writing side projects like this, whereas this blog was all I had to focus … Continue reading

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First Impressions Review Diary 4-Nov-2017

__Welcome to another collection of my thoughts on every movie I’ve seen within a certain period of time. These posts are irregular, so there’s no telling how long that time might be. In this case, my last “first impressions” post … Continue reading

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My Top 15 Favourite Video Games (Updated)

__A while ago, I posted a whole slew of top ten lists on this blog, the first of which was my favourite video games. Well, that list has recently gone through quite a few changes, not the least of which … Continue reading

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Top 15 Reasons I Believe the ME3 Indoctrination Theory

__Let’s talk Mass Effect 3 again. 🙂 __Ever since I played through the whole trilogy last May, Mass Effect has pretty much become my obsession as of late. Some of you may recall that I, like so many others, was … Continue reading

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First Impressions Review Diary 26-Aug-2017

__Welcome to another batch of mini reviews, consisting of all the movies I’ve seen and all the games I’ve played over the last month or so. 🙂 __Let’s start at the cinema. It Comes at Night (2017) __As an unnatural threat … Continue reading

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